Thursday, November 09, 2006

OSP South part Three

As we made our way down Interstate 75 from Chattanooga, TN to Atlanta, GA, our conversations were spotted with dots of silence. In these moments—while The Frey played softly in the background—I challenged myself to aptly describe what I saw. Use words to paint a picture, I kept on telling myself. I repeated this again and again, but nothing came. For a California girl like myself, seeing such beauty along a highway is rare and while I thought of ways to paint, my verbal brush remained dry.

The hills were covered in what I can only describe as large pieces of red, orange, and yellow cauliflower. From a distance, the hills looked like an autumn produce platter, like God had planned a vegetarian feast for his angels.
As Crystal slept in the backseat, Josh Smith sat next to her and we conversed about music, future goals, and life. Liana chimed in here and there, and as we crossed the state borderline, I realized my trip was coming to a close.

The seminars were awesome and I learned a lot from the speakers, but what I always find to be the case is that I learn more from just watching. How other photographers speak, how they listen, or don’t. I’m a watcher. I was the kid who stood against the wall (usually sandwiched between the bowl of potato chips and fruit punch) at birthday parties scanning the scene before engaging. I suppose not much has changed since then. I had a wonderful conversation with Davina about how photographers are merely a reflection of the other photographers they admire…like a human patchwork quilt where the owner carefully chooses her pieces. Being surrounded by such a wonderful group of people made me add more pieces to my quilt and I firmly believe I will be a better photographer because of it.

Special thanks to Nathan and Amber and Garrett and Joy for planning such a successful event (your hard work did not go unnoticed!!!) and to David Jay for creating OSP and allowing photographers to change the industry one person at a time!

Here are a few pictures from our lil' roadtrip...
Crystal (and baby Peanut) getting some needed rest

This is Josh. Not only is he the sweetest most genuine guy in Monroe, Louisiana, he's an absolutely AMAZING, outta control videographer. He has mad, crazy skills and he's only 20 years old!? If there's a bride who's looking to document her day in an absolutely breathtaking way, call Josh. He won't let you down!

Liana, please don't hate me. I love you. I had to post this picture because it perfectly captures your spirit...your carefree and crazy spirit :) Have fun in Brazil and thank you for everything you've done for me!!

This is me capturing the TN/GA borderline in the reflection...good times.



Blogger Bianca said...

Jas, I tried calling you on your cell, but this teenage girl keeps answering and hanging up. I guess she has your phone and is not going to give it back. I tried calling you on your work phone and Chu's but to no avail. I hate telling via the blog but I can't get through.
Love you.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Jasmine, I love your writing! I read this and am instantly transported back to the events earlier this week. The same quiet, somber, ride that my wife and I shared - like leaving pieces of your heart scattered amongst the best people I have ever met, and wanting more...

11:47 PM  
Blogger Cameron Ingalls said...

thanks so much Jasmine! i am really looking forward to the adventure of marriage. so many people have been really encouraging me that i will absolutely love it. a couple years ago i was pretty anti-marriage, but since Jesus has healed my heart and given me such an amazing gift of a best friend, i am confident and allowing myself trust again and most of all to love. i always enjoy hearing stories of your marriage. what an example of how amazing it can be. i hope to be such an encouragement to others as well. ;)

1:32 AM  
Blogger Holritz Photography said...

You make me so happy. So SO so happy.

I am blessed to know you. so very blessed.

Lots of love to you.


8:16 AM  
Anonymous Kelli G. said...

"From a distance, the hills looked like an autumn produce platter, like God had planned a vegetarian feast for his angels..."

Such beautiful imagery! Jasmine, we've never gotten to meet before, but I am a friend of Josh's back in the wonderful state of Louisiana. I'm usually a fly on the wall in the OSP forum :) I must second what you had to say about Josh! (he's going to hate me for this, but he's hundreds of miles away in Atlanta!) Hopefully he won't discover this because he'll be oh-so-embarrassed ;) I hope y'all are having fun!!!!!! Enjoy!

P.S. Your work is beautiful! Be encouraged! Your love for Christ is evident in your attitude and words--so refreshing!

2:21 PM  
Blogger Sarah Barlow said...

JASMINE!!!!! It was sooo great seeing you in Chatanooga!!! I miss you so much already! I wish we could have talked more but I guess that gives me another reason to come out to Cali!! :)

4:10 PM  
Blogger -Matt said...

WOW it was so good to see you! :) You are still my very favorite blogger & very favorite storyteller. You're awesome! I was glad to see you again & wish we had more time to talk. Maybe in Vegas. :)


8:26 PM  
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