Saturday, October 07, 2006

Long-Distance Minutes

My friends often make fun of me saying that I have a red phone line to God. If I need anything, just pick up the red phone-a la Batman and Gotham City's Mayor. They insist they're trying getting their prayers answered, but seeing how I'm exacerbating the celestial long-distance minutes, they're feeling a little left out ;)

This past week has been no exception…and I have a brand spankin' new 17” MacBookPro to prove it.
There have been SO many blessings and hook-ups in getting this laptop-and I don't mean this in the shopping-from-the-trunk-of-a-car kind of way-but they shall remain nameless. Their kindness has reserved them a special place in this world and I'm sure it's somewhere between Successful and Legendary.

I'm still working on getting my website images sorted, but it's been a blast with my new baby!!


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