Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Both sides

There are two sides to my brain: the right and left. Or, as I commonly refer to them, the dumb half and the smart half. The doctor and the starving artist…the chemist and the reality TV junkie. I try to lead a balanced life, so when I treat my creative side, I have to feed my strategic side for fear of cranial malnutrition. And the fear of one side of my head appearing much larger than the other. Like a light bulb, sideways.

The Right Menu:

I just finished listening to a book on CD entitled Brand Warfare by David D’Alessandro. Twice! It was really, really that good. This guy is so smart I have a crush on him…like the same type of crush I had on Professor Yeazell, my Civil Procedure law professor. D’Alessandro was the CEO of John Hancock and while he’s extremely knowledgeable about the multi-strata business environment, he dissects what a brand is composed and its importance. And brotha’ really broke it down…buy the book or the CDs because it’s a phenomenal read.

The Left Menu:
I gave in. I capitulated. I bought the Justin Timberlake CD. I seriously thought I had outgrown JT after college, just the same way I had outgrown The Real World marathons and 2am dessert feasts with my friends. I thought wrong. I saw him in concert with Christina Aguilera at the Staples Center during his ‘Justified’ Tour and it remains the one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. When I heard Justin was releasing a new CD I thought—hoped—it wouldn’t faze me. I thought wrong. It’s SO good! I mean, if you’re looking for lyrical depth, perfectly composed melodies, or vocal distinction, this CD isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for a good time and want to bob your head and snake your shoulders in traffic, then this is your cup of alize.
**Dad, if you’re reading this and wondering how your offspring diverted from such a wholesome path, I’m just kidding. None of what I said was true. By the way, I really liked the Simon and Garfunkle CD you lent me ;)

So, I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I have split personalities. One afternoon I’ll be listening to a baritone voice of D’Alessandro breaking down business philosophies and the following afternoon I’ll be sitting and inharmoniously singing along to a fabricated cultural pop icon. If they only knew. If they’d only ask why my listening choices are so random, I’d tell them: I have to feed both sides.


Blogger OpenSourcePhoto said...

I don't know what capitulated means but I like Justin Timberlake too.

..and Brand Warfare!

...and you and JD...


1:41 AM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

Deeeeej! Remember when you, me, Sara, and JD had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after your SD PUG and you asked me the same thing?! :) You crack me up!

9:41 AM  
Blogger c r y s t a l said...

I'm really enjoying me some JT too! That disc has not left the CD player in my 4-runner....and I've been doing a ton of driving this week. :) It is indeed a guilty pleasure. ;)

7:46 PM  

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