Monday, August 21, 2006

The Color of Love

On my way home from Casa Romantica last Saturday, I knew I was ill. After spending the afternoon with Melissa and Kacy Jo shooting a beautiful wedding, I left the reception a little early because I felt a wave of nausea hit harder than those that were slamming the coast. I called JD and asked him to pick up the refillable antibiotics and painkillers because I knew I was in for a doozey.

JD was waiting outside as I rolled my car to a stop. I got your bag, JD said as he opened the trunk, just go lay down. On the nightstand was my medication along with a myriad of other things to make me feel better: Crackers and Perrier for the nausea, a sliced nectarine (because nectarines make me happy), and a terrible picture of JD and me in college. I laughed slightly as I got under the comforter and held the photo in my hand. We looked horrible. I’m pretty sure the picture is from the time in college when JD stayed up with me all-night helping me study for my International Economics class. My hair was greased back into a tight ponytail, no makeup, the visible signs of sleeplessness manifesting themselves as crow’s feet along my eyes…and I made him pose for a picture. So we never forget this night, I said.

I'm here if you need anything, JD said as he lowered the lights. I spent the entire night tossing and turning…hugging the toilet…praying for deliverance…shaking in pain…then falling asleep around six in the morning. JD made me tea, sliced another nectarine, rubbed my back as I spoke into the toilet bowl, and served up my medication like the soup d’jour. When I woke the next morning, our bedroom windows were covered with red throw blankets. JD creased the blanket corners into the white window blinds to keep the sunlight out. When JD came into the room, I muttered from underneath my 17 pillows, Our neighbors are going to think we’re running a division of the Red Light District here.

Feeling better, he asked.
Just slightly, I moaned.

I asked JD to keep the red blankets up for the remainder of the day. As we sat and watched a movie, he asked why I wanted the windows covered. Because our room is now the color of love, I replied.

And that’s how I felt…loved. And the color that spilled into our bedroom was just proof of it.


Blogger Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hope you will feel better soon! Glad, you get so much love which I guess, will make the healing process a lot quicker.

5:25 AM  
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Anonymous Tracy said...

You definitely know how to make a girl cry! :) JD sounds like such a sweet and loving husband to you.

9:08 AM  

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