Friday, August 04, 2006

Marissa and Andy

Marissa walked down the aisle with her father toward her husband-to-be, Andy, and beamed while 450 guests stared, smiled, and waved at her. After the invocation was given by an associate pastor, her father walked to center stage and proceeded to conduct the service. Marissa’s father just so happened to be her pastor as well. The ceremony was sincere and heartfelt, but when the time came to announce Marissa and Andy as husband and wife, her father had a hard time saying it was time to kiss the bride.

You can now…order a pizza, her dad said just as Andy and Marissa were leaning in to kiss each other.
You can now…ask what time it is.
You can now…ki…kiss the bride, her dad said and the guests erupted in laughs and ripples of clapping.

The reception was huge, so the dance floor was packed the entire evening. The DJ’s speakers stood about 12-feet tall and music literally bumped across the floor. There’s something about listening to Bel Biv Devoe, Janet Jackson, and Nelly Furtado that can really make one’s legs move without much effort. Most of the guests stayed the entire evening and the party rolled into early the next morning. But the most telling part of the evening was the fact that Marissa and Andy stayed the whole night dancing along side each guest. There was such an outpouring of love from their guests and it was only a reflection of what their marriage meant to others.

Here are a few from Saturday…
Marissa looking at herself for the first time in her wedding dress

Getting a little help with her shoes

I fell in love with the ring he is praying in a group circle before the ceremony

Marissa saying a prayer just before leaving for the church

The ring brearer diligently spent the day protecting Marissa's veil from the ground

She loves him

An aerial view of 450 guests

Walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.

Marissa looking like a princess

The wind caught Marissa's veil beautifully

The church has this awesome cross...



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