Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jessica and Travis

There are times when everything works together. When the sun shines with its full glory, when the waves brilliantly bow to the sand, when love floats through the air on an infectious vapor. For Jessica and Travis, Sunday was that kind of wedding day.

The wedding was held at Casa Romantica in San Clemente, which is a lovely venue in it and of itself, but Jessica and Travis’ wedding was something out of the ordinary. Jessica’s mom—a fashion show coordinator—orchestrated a stunning event, where no detail was taken for granted. Casa Romantica was extravagantly redesigned with custom lighting, freshly potted plants, chic flower designs, three martini bars, and dining tables—each named after a martini—wearing beaded covers and hosting white roses, lilies, and tulips. The jazz band played as guests picked up their parasols and made their way to the ocean view terrace.

Jessica and Travis are both dedicated surfers, so every date centers around the beach. After they recited their vows, they later recounted checking out the phenomenal swell along the Pacific, longing to be together in the water.

Promise me that when times get tough—and you want to give up—promise me we’ll return to the place where our love never falters, Jason said as he recited his personal vows. The water is where we fell in love, and the water is how we’ll stay in love.

I know I must seem like a baby, but I cried. And (as many as you know) this isn’t the first wedding when this has happened. There is something about love that never loses its appeal. Witnessing two people swearing their lives to each other is absolutely breathtaking and emotional. I allow myself to get caught up in the current and relinquish the urge to stay professional. I prefer staying personal. So I cried.

There is no other way to describe the beauty of this wedding than to say it was casually elegant. The groom wore flip-flops, the bride wore Manolo’s. The groomsmen drank Foster’s beer, the bridesmaids sipped on apple martinis. Just before the filet and salmon was served, sides of creamy potatoes and sprigs of rosemary were served in martini glasses. The jazz band played during dinner, the DJ (who usually spins at LA’s “Standard”, not at weddings) had everyone grooving on the dance floor. It was casually elegant.

As a gift to the bride and groom, Jessica’s mother had a surf board custom designed by LOST with their names and wedding design emblazed on the front. Jessica cried and kissed Travis squarely on the lips. That’s what made this couple so amazing…their ability to find pleasure in small things. Surfboards, the ocean, flip-flops. The simplicity of their love is what makes their relationship so elegant…and their wedding embodied this notion as well.

Here are a few from Sunday…

**To see the shoot in its entirety, CLICK HERE**



Blogger Tim Co. Photography said...

ahh man jasmine great shots! I feel very unacknowledged though lol - I come all the way to california to shoot with Greg and you and not one mention of Tim Co. ha ha! I guess its because there are "no black people in orange county" ha ha - me being here was just a flook accident.

That was the greatest wedding EVER and I loved shooting with greg and you - I think your SOOO AWESOME, deffinetly one of the most awesome people i've met all tour. Stay close to someone like greg he will help you go very far :-) - can't wait till we all team up again!

2:52 AM  
Blogger c r y s t a l said...

Fabulous work, Jasmine!!!!!!

How long ago was it that you were too shy to post pics......and now look at you, girl!!! You are rockin' it! :) I wanna give you a big, big hug!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Liana said...

Ohhh... I recognized this place instantly - Villa Romantica! Crystal and I shot there with Jess back in Feb :) ....soooo beautiful (just like your pics!)

10:01 AM  
Blogger Sara France Photography said...

Hi Jasmine! I really enjoyed hanging with you and Travis last night! You are such an amazing couple! Thanks for making the trip! Can you e-mail me so I have your e-mail? Thanks!!

11:20 AM  

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