Monday, July 03, 2006

Fortunes, Apples and Geniuses

Oh, they’re in the back, the hostess informed JD and me as we walked into PF Chang’s. We weaved through the crowds at the bar and located the party in the back corner, like the manager suspected we’d be a loud bunch. After the pleasantries were exchanged and the lettuce wraps ordered, everyone just laughed and hung out. Like any other photographer gathering, pictures were snapped and flashes of light bounced from our table like a lightning cloud was perched overhead. Blackberries and Treos were laid out like badges of honor, only to be removed when the tidal wave of food was delivered.

Plates of chow mein and orange chicken were passed on a conveyor belt of hands, later to be rearranged in a patch work formation. The Chinese food quilt. The conversations were random and eclectic and I took a moment to sit back and listen. Doug and Chenin Boutwell described the heinously ugly Sam the Man, [b]ecker stuck his tongue out and snapped a picture of himself doing so, Liana and Jessica recounted their day’s work painting Jessica’s new studio, Mike and Dane compared surfing in Southern California versus Santa Barbara, and JT and Shyla recounted their weekend spent in Santa Barbara. I like doing this. I like just sitting back and listening. And watching. I learn a lot about people when I watch from a distance. I learned a lot last night.

When the waitress returned with the bill and fortune cookies, I passed the plate around my side of the table and said: Choose your destiny. I always say that when fortune cookies are distributed. It’s childish, I know, but I still say it. Everyone laughed when Mike read his fortune aloud: You will never please everyone…put yourself first.

I cracked the rice paper shell and found my fortune printed in small red letters on a slip of paper…..

I picked my destiny well ☺

We all went over to [b]’s house for cupcakes and a night filled with playing games. I secretly think [b] rigged “Apples to Apples” because he won…twice in a row. The girls later came back to beat the boys (yes, Becker, we beat you!) at this word game only geniuses can win. So, yeah, the girls fittingly won.


Blogger Eric McCarty said...

Let me know when you'll be in Atlanta. Maybe we can catch up. I can't believe Liana talked you into coming to Atlanta in August. Question her friendship! :) Not to mention there will be Indian quisine served--spicy! Wash it down with some SWEET tea. You'll be fine. I shot my first Indian wedding on Sunday. I'll post a few on the blog in the next couple of days. Colorful and chaotic! It was a lot of fun. I picked up your Dad's book last night and read the first chapter. I finally have nothing else I feel like I have to read so I'll have it knocked out in a day or two. Brace yourself, a SEVERE critique is forthcoming. :)

8:35 AM  
Blogger Cameron Ingalls said...

you are a good little writer! i wanna be your friend for reals......

12:26 AM  

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