Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Eyebrow Smoother

I was grumpy today. And for no apparent reason. I just felt the necessity to scrunch my forehead in uni-brow solidarity—a la Freida Kahlo, or Bert—and remain grumpy. There was no reason to carry a grey cloud over my head, but I did. I carried it the way an African woman might carry a jug on her head after visiting a nearby well. Except without the keen sense of balance.

Wanting something, or someone, to cheer me up, I called JD. Because he’s good at that type of thing. He can find the good in any situation. Like the time our tire blew out on the 5 Freeway at one o’clock in the morning…why, it was good because we got to snuggle under a freeway lamppost. How many people can say they did that?! Or the time we missed our overnight train in Europe and had to sleep on the station floor. I was beyond frustrated. But, Jaz, JD said as my eyes were closing, there’s a vending machine here with American nuts!

Yes, he has a gift.

As I wait for him to answer my call, I think of how I can evoke pity…how I can use his sympathy to make me smile again. When he answers, I hear laughter in the background. Where are you, I ask. I don’t want to know the answer because I know it’ll make me even grumpier. I discover he’s lunching at Panera…without me. This makes me grumpier. How can you eat there without me, I gripe into the phone. Bewildered, JD stutters what might seem like an answer, but I cut him off. And I have to eat a packed lunch, I complained. The outrage!

If you’ll excuse me, I said tartly, I have to go eat out of my Tupperware. Good-bye.

Two minutes later, JD calls me back. I know you’re probably having a bad day, he cautioned, but you don’t have to be upset with me. In fact, you were the one who insisting on packing your own lunch today. I’m sorry you’re hurt, he continued, but I’m more than happy to bring you here tomorrow if you’d like.

How could I be mad?

In true JDesque, he reminded me that there’s good to be found in this situation. I’m sure he went on to say that the Ciabatta bread is baked fresh just before lunch or that he found the perfect table away from the crowds, but I found something even better than what he addressed. I discovered that the good in any situation is JD. He’s my silver lining, my cloud-lifter

Because even when my eyebrows imitate those of Frieda Kahlo’s, JD will find a way to smooth them out.


Blogger c r y s t a l said...

Your stories always make my eyebrows smooth out! :) You have got such a way with words, girl! And with pictures too! The ones below from the latest wedding are amazing!!!! You're my hero, Jasmine!

Can't wait to see you again, girl!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Tracy said...

The love between you and JD is simply divine!

8:28 AM  

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