Monday, June 12, 2006


And her dresses are made by the same designer who styles the contestants on Dancing with the Stars, Christine’s mother bubbled. We were talking about Christine’s debutant ball next month—an event I’ll be photographing—and the multiple costume changes she’ll be making. I’ve never been to a debutant ball, much less photographed one, but I’m excited because it’ll be a pretty big deal. Various dance instructors have been summoned and Christine will have four costume changes, finally spending the rest of the evening in her designer formal gown.

And the musicians will perform the music live, her mother continued, but it won’t interrupt the D.J….and there’ll be filet mignon, you like filet don’t you? She didn’t give me the opportunity to answer because she spoke about the handmade invitations and the videographer who has yet to furnish his contract. Christine's mother apologized for going on and on, but there wasn't a need was apparent she only wanted the best for her daughter.

Christine stood patiently by the door, waiting for us to leave and our shoot to begin. Christine patiently reminded her mother that her choir banquet was that evening, so we had less than an hour to shoot. Blushing, her mother apologized again and shooed us out.

Christine and I are like two peas in a pod. We spoke about her nationally ranked high school choir, where she’ll go to college, and how her older sister was doing. That’s how I met Christine; at her sister’s wedding. I shot the wedding a few months ago and ended up getting booked for the ball shortly thereafter. The conversation flowed easily and we spent 45 minutes at a nearby park to get photos which will be blown up and displayed at the entry wall to her ball.

The 45 minutes flew by, but we had a ball roaming the park. She proffered picture ideas and asked whether she was doing the right thing. And she was. Doing the right thing, that is. Christine just being Christine was what I wanted most, and she didn’t let me down.


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