Saturday, May 27, 2006

End of the seminar

Mike Colon’s seminar ended on Thursday, but not without one last photo shoot. Sarah and Eileen drove up from San Diego to model for the class and they were so much fun! The class used the complex where Mike’s studio is located as our background, and the light was beautiful. The class, having formed bonds over the past four days, laughed, joked, and encouraged each other as we followed the models around the grounds. It was a wonderful experience.

The evening was to culminate in a poker game…but I left before it started. Somehow I got the idea that the “Com’on, Jasmine, you gotta stay” and the “Everyone knows how to play poker” comments were ways to pocket my money ☺ What can I say? I’m easily suckered, so I left before I was tempted ☺


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