Thursday, May 11, 2006

Detour 180

Last night I was burning DVDs and I came across a few pictures. I should have posted these sooner, but things at the time were crazy. They date back to Easter, but I should post them anyway.

For my church’s Easter Celebration, an awesome guest band is invited and this year the church was stoked when we discovered Detour 180was performing. I took my camera along and had a blast! The band was so cool and when they invited me on the stage to shoot, I couldn't say no ☺ If you like Christian alternative music, you should check them out!


Anonymous gwyneth colleen said...

SHUT UP! i KNOW some of the guys in detour180. i lived in nz a few years ago, and i used to hang out w/ cain (i think he's the guitarist) and his wife karen.

also...i am a huge fan...(clearly, obsessively reading your archives.), and eventually i'm going to write you a proper gushing email.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Erin McLean said...

I've been reading your blog pretty much constantly for the last week and a half (ssshhh.... don't tell my boss!) and I came across this post. I just HAD to comment, especially when i saw that there was only one post on here. I LOVE detour 180. They're awesome.

Love what you do too. I started reading your newest posts, then started from the beginning. Awesome reading your journey. Thanks so so much for sharing and inspiring! I hope to one day make the jump to full time photography, but right now its a bit too scary and I struggle to have the faith that I can make it work and still pay the mortgage etc. But one day God willing!

So keep doing what you're doing, coz you make a difference in this world! Much love x

PS, come visit us in New Zealand some day!!!

7:35 PM  

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