Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When You're Home

I like when you’re home.

I like the way you cut my pink grapefruit every morning—sliced in half, no skin—and serve it in my favorite Pottery Barn ramekin. I like how you light the aromatherapy candles around the house when I’m stressed. I like how you notice when I rearrange the kitchen cabinets.

I like when you’re home.

I like how you can put me in my place with a simple glance. No words. Just a silent admonition lovingly administered. I like how you sing along with Jack Johnson on Saturday mornings. I like that you can admit you can’t sing.

I like when you’re home.

I like when you force me to dance in an empty corridor. You’ll sway with me side-to-side, and reassure me no one’s watching. I like the way you set the table for dinner. I like the way I like the way you listen.

I like when you’re home.

I know you were only gone a few days, but I when you’re not here, I’m not myself. JD, I like when you’re home


Blogger Sarah Barlow said...

Aww!! That is the sweetest thing ever!!
I LOVE your way with words Jasmine!!:)

3:26 PM  
Blogger Jody said...


I was perusing your original blog today to gain insight and perspective into the beginnings of your career and happen to come across this particular post. While I was on a mission to find nuggets of photography inspiration, it was this sweet and innocent post that caught me by surprise and made me pause. In parallel, your blog post today (1/29/13 - almost 7 years later) spoke of your fears, as well.

As an amateur photographer who is afraid to take a leap, I truly appreciate seeing a glimpse of your journey over these years. Please know, that though it may have been terrifying to expose your vulnerabilities, your soft spoken words have been comforting to so many who feel they are in this same rocky boat.

Thank you,

5:37 PM  

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