Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My new appendage

That’s what you need to do, JD said while driving home this evening. I was in the process of describing this totally awesome picture I could have captured had I had my camera with me. The purported picture had a shaggy dog, a 1976 Toyota truck with large side mirrors, the wind blowing, and a white-haired driver wearing BlueBlocker sunglasses. I’m telling you, I said to JD, it could’ve been so cool!

For a while, I was keeping my camera in my car—hidden from view, of course—and pulled it out when I saw something of interest. JD insisted that doing so was foolish. I’m inclined to agree with him, but at the same time, I often forget to grab my camera as I dash out the door.

That’s what you need to do, JD said again, more to himself this time. You need to think of your camera as an appendage, or something you’d never leave home without. Like your wedding ring…or your keys. Maybe I can buy a special closet to house your camera and keep it by the front door…that way, the camera will be the last thing you’ll think about as you leave, he excitedly said.

I ruminated for a bit. I know I probably won’t have a special camera-closet any time soon, but JD did make sense. My camera should become an appendage, like an eleventh finger or an extra arm. Alright, I said, but you can't be upset if tomorrow I wake up as a the four-arm Indian goddess, Lakshmi :)


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