Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Print...

Today I received a lovely surprise from dear friends based in Orlando, Florida. Garrett and Joy Nudd are just about the sweetest couple you can meet, so when she emailed me this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised. Joy informed me their photography studio was published in the Central Florida Bride magazine this month, to which I was super excited! But when she told me the editors used a photo of me from Mike’s seminar, I was shocked. Here’s a sneak peek of the page layout:

Joy’s been nice enough to send me a few copies, so I’ll soon be able to see my mug in print. I told Garrett this before, but I promise his photography made me look better than I actually do…and Photoshop…lots and lots of Photoshop.

Many thanks to Garrett and Joy and if there are photographers interested in shooting just as phenomenally as Garrett, click here to get more information on his photography seminar in Florida.


Blogger Shyla said...

Hot Stuff!!! Woman, you know that there probably wasnt an OUNCE of photoshop done to that photo... you are au natural-lly B-E-A-UTIFUL!!

The superstar Nudds did a great job! But, I know that having Jazzy as their model only made it easy! :)

9:57 PM  
Blogger c r y s t a l said...

You're beautiful, Jasmine! And you're also all over my new website! :)

11:04 AM  
Blogger amynave said...

Jasmine girl,

You are gorgeous, inside and out:) So thankful that we were able to hand and talk at Sara's party.

Love ya girl!!!!!

9:22 PM  

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