Sunday, April 01, 2007

K&D: Bruins, Albums, and the Hook-Up

Well, it’s time for yet again this week’s Kisses and Disses…com’on…I know you love ‘em! ;)

This week’s Diss goes out to UCLA’s Basketball Team for losing terribly to Florida yesterday. I’ll always LOVE my Bruin ballers…buuuut, losing twice to the same team back-to-back just kills me! And to make things worse, JD was participating in a NCAA Tournament pool and when he was choosing his favored teams, I practically forced him to pick the ‘old faithful Blue n Gold because I believed--believed!--they were gonna take the whole thing. I shot a wedding yesterday (I’ll be posting that tomorrow!) and the groom was a fellow Bruin, so we were staying atop of the score…sadly :( I left the reception with a gray cloud over my head. I just couldn’t believe the loss. Not only do I have no one left to cheer for, but JD can no longer win the pool!

This week’s Kiss goes out to Leather Craftsmen for simply being wonderful. I wanted a new sample album to display at A Soolip Wedding (click here to read more about it), and I really didn’t think my order would be filled in such a short amount of time. I emailed Ira (click here to read more about his amazingness) and begged for a minor miracle. Well, he made a phone call to Carol and I followed up with an email and…BAM…I had a new spankin’ album! I love it! Everyone there is amazing and I’m happy to know my clients are in good hands. On a sidenote, I ran into Ira and Bobby, Leather Craftsmen’s President, at [b]ecker’s 7th Annual Las Vegas Party and I was smitten with how truly fabulous they are. They’re even better than how everyone describes them, so if you get the chance, go out of your way to say hi.
**Oh, and, Bobby…if you ever read this, you told me that you’d take care of whatever I needed if I just let you know…well, I’m letting you know now that I’d sure love a few free sample albums to show prospective clients…you know, just so I can rave some more about how great you are! ;)**



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