Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meet Shyla

When she first asked, I wasn't sure what she exactly meant. Her words flew past my ears like darts, missing my mind and landing on an unbeknownst dartboard. I listened to her voicemail message again and again, making sure I understood what she was asking. With my eyebrows on the verge of knotting, JD asked what was wrong. I turned to him with a petrified look and said, Shyla wants me to take her headshots.

Shyla and I have been friends for almost a year, after initially meeting while assisting Mike with his seminars. We both drove to Las Vegas last year for WPPI with Mike and his wife Julie, so she got to know how crazy I am after riding six loooooong hours with no escape :) Since then, we've watched our businesses grow and remained close.

When she called requesting headshots, my first reaction was's.a.photographer?!?! And then my second reaction was's.a.photographer?!?! There's a true honor in photographing a peer, but with this honor comes performance anxiety. However, standing in the warm glow of the sun this afternoon, we had a ball hanging out and having fun. Be on the look out for her new website coming out later this week!

Here are a few of my favorites...



Blogger amynave said...

WOW, Shyla is super HOT:) Acutally, shyla is always hot but I love how you captured her:)

Hey, I need head shots too:) I hate being in front of the camera.

10:22 PM  
Blogger fred egan said...

Now, I've never seen either one of you in person but it looks like you two could be twins!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Paige Kearin said...

Shyla = Hot Mama.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Trista said...

I think I know who's taking my next headshots :-D

1:09 AM  
Blogger Ricki Ford said...

She is beautiful. And these are some great shots.

6:26 AM  
Blogger swan said...

woapaak dpo fafo0.

I mean, I'd be in trouble around those eyes...

Really nice work.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Brittany Leigh said... girl!!! you two make a fun pair! I LOVE the way you managed to capture her spirit! beautiful!

hey....are you driving to vegas again this year?

4:18 PM  
Blogger Liana said...

HAUT Pics, HAUT Model! You gooo girls! Can't wait to see ya both in Vegas again soon :)

6:43 PM  
Blogger Shyla said...

I heart you Jazzy!!!!!! :)
I still cant believe you were's me, not some big photographer...just ME! and you know how much I love you!

Thanks again my love!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Holritz Photography said...

(kevin's comment just made me laugh out loud!)

Shy you look SO beautiful!

Jas, you ROCK!!!!! I love you both, and miss you like mad!!!!


8:21 PM  
Blogger David said...

Wow! Way to exploit those eyes. Gorgeous! I only met Shyla briefly (the first Day of Mike's latest seminar) but I say you nailed it! Beautiful. Nervous? You? C'mon. Happy Bday to JD too!!


8:27 PM  
Blogger Sandra Salisbury said...

Hello Jasmine,
I have been checking out your blog for a while now and decided to comment and make my habbit public. I love your blog and your website too! These are amazing images of Shyla! You totally captured the beauty she carries with her. Just wanted to let you know I'm a Jasmine Star Fan!!!! Please continue to WOW the crowds, as I am sure you all ready do. =)
~ Sandie Jo ~

8:42 PM  
Blogger One Blank Canvas said...

AWESOME Jaz... I love both you guys and the images came out great!!! I think I'd be the one that would be nervous shooting Shyla... not being able to hold the camera and all!! ;)

3:56 PM  
Blogger DrewB said...

Now you know how I feel every time I have to shoot you and JD! Beautiful shots Jasmine!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Captivating Studios said...

WOWOW! That's one hot chick. You really made her eyes POP. Considering how nervous you were, the pics turned out fabulous! Not that I expect anything less from you! Great job Jasmine, but of course it helps having a just as great model!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Melissa Rich said...

You're such a rockstar :) These pics of Shy are awesome!! I told Shyla she is now known as "THE SHYLA" seriously, they look fabulous!

Drinks at wppi?!! a must!

Melissa Rich ;)

7:59 PM  
Blogger Anna Joy Photography said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! these are so amazingly amazing, and Shyla is gorgeous. How much do you charge for headshots... hmmmmmmm?

1:29 PM  

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