Friday, February 16, 2007

God Bless His Cotton Socks

God bless his cotton socks!*

Yesterday myself and a few other photographers had the pleasure of being invited to Mike Colon’s house for an Apple APERTURE demo. Apple’s Product Marketing Manager, Martin Gisborne, set up a swanky presentation in Mike’s beautiful living room, giving a demo and fielding questions—as well as [b]ecker’s occasional eternal pledge of Apple allegiance outbursts :)

The presentation was wonderful, but sitting in a room with such a talented bunch of people was an extra blessing. While Martin thoroughly answered our questions and comments, Mike was busy popping popcorn—and even making a cup of hot cocoa for Jessica--as well as providing chips and salsa, CornNuts, and juicy fruit snacks for everyone. He was such a humble host and an awesome example to his guests. If you’d like to read a wonderful account of the day, check out Joe Photo’s Blog.

I’ll be updating my blog in regard to my Aperture experience…although I’m pretty stoked at how wonderful this software is going to make my life. It’ll improve my workflow and I’m sure it’s an added benefit to my clients’ experiences.

Special thanks to Mike, Martin, and everyone who attended the workshop…it’s wonderful to be challenged to constantly raise the bar.

*The title for this entry is a literal quote from Martin. He's English. There were times when we had to stop him and ask for a quick translation because he has a unique way of speaking, as well as peculiar idioms and phrases...and the Brits claim we ruined the English language?!? ;)



Blogger Ricki Ford said...

Hey Jasmine I just change from pc to mac. Got my very frist one thursday. Its all new to me. I am having aperture load on it next week.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Shane said...

I have to say I was excited to get a Aperture with my new mac, but haven't yet as with iPhoto and photoshop, I fail to see the reasoning for the price. I suspect if I needed to really organize my photos it would be worth the cost...I actually don't do much editing on my photos (then again I dont shoot for too many professional venues either). Maybe some day, I look forward to the mention of it on the blog.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Colchester Essex Wedding Photographer said...

Have tried Aperture but did not really get on with it as well as Photoshop

12:09 AM  

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