Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two Things

Two things happened yesterday to which I am so pleased. First, I finished a book entitled History of Love by Nicole Krauss and I can’t rave about it enough. I bought it spur-of-the-moment on my way home from Atlanta while waiting in the airport. By accident, I packed my reading material into my check-in luggage, so I was forced to buy another book because a flight without a book is like a meal without a fork.

I had seven minutes to choose a book and I was upset because I never pick my books that way. I don’t randomly thumb through a book like it’s on some smorgasboard conveyor belt. Where everything is the same, just with a different sauce. Rather, I choose my books like the way one might choose a puppy at a pet store. The book, much like a puppy, has to call me. Tilt its proverbial head and paw the window. That’s how I pick them.

Anyway, I grabbed this book based on the title and began scanning the pages. The airport intercom paged first-class passengers to Los Angeles, so I hastily paid for my book and darted for my gate. Before taking off, I knew I found a book that would change my view of the world and writing. It’s that good.

I finished half the book before landing at LAX and when I saw JD waiting for me at the baggage claim, I hugged him tightly and cried onto his shoulder. Hey, he confoundedly said, I missed you too. I told him that, yes, I missed him, but the book I was reading involved characters who survived the Holocaust and their coping mechanisms for lost love. Still slightly confused, he hugged me and said everything will be okay.

On Thursday night, JD walked into our room and found me engrossed in the final chapters of the book, still in my gym attire. One running shoe on, one running shoe off. Laying on our beige carpet. While he strummed his guitar, I finished the book and cried. It was that good. And then I cried again trying to explain it all. It was that good. The 251 pages made me love more, want to write more, and appreciate life more. It was that good.

Yesterday I also had dinner with Jessica Claire and Shyla. We met at South Coast Plaza for some good ‘ole fashion shopping and chilling out. We tried in vain to find fashionable photography outfits (do they even exist?!), but took solace buying a bunch of goodies from the MAC store. Make-up, not computer. I was tempted to buy DJ some blush to match his new foundation from a recent shopping stint at Estee Lauder, but decided not to ;) Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to think about getting something else for his upcoming birthday!

I’m going to try and post again from my Nothing Day. Because that’s what I intend to do on this beautiful Saturday. Nothing. Lay out at the beach, watch a movie, buy a new book. Nothing.


Blogger c r y s t a l said...

I hope your nothing day was GREAT! I had planned a nothing day, but it got interrupted this afternoon by a phone call from a former client wanting me to shoot her parents' 50th wedding anniversary tonight! haha! I'm glad it got interrupted because it was a great party with fun people! Plus, extra money that I wasn't expecting!! (Thanks, God!)

This post made me want that book. I will have to go check it out! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear! I'm counting down the days!!!!!!

1:25 AM  
Blogger Liana said...

Hey hon! I just got your package in the mail - THANK YOU! Your script is like star-dust I tell you - sooo pretty - you should start using a wacom tablet to write your blog posts so everyone can experience it here!! hehe. Can't wait to see you in about a week and hear more about this book (may have to go get a copy myself!!)

PS... u know you're Always welcome here :)

9:08 PM  

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