Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Ripple Effect

There’s something amazing about dropping a stone into a body of water. First the soothing sound of the stone breaking the barrier between air and water, then the pseudo seismic waves that follow. First one, then five…ad infinitum. I suppose it’s nature imitating life.

There are certain people whose life is a smooth stone—refined by generosity, grace, and kindness—who make ripples. First one, then five…ad infinitum. These ripples are felt by those who surround the stone and whose lives will be forever changed.

David Jay is a stone on which many rely and whose ripples continually resonate. He celebrated his 27th birthday and I was honored to have shared in his big day. Surrounding myself with amazing people and loving every minute made my trip to Santa Barbara unforgettable and I’m indebted to their kindness. Being around such amazingly talented and wonderful people made me want to make ripples of my own and cause seismic waves of generosity, grace and kindness. And I suppose it’s no longer nature imitating life, but life imitating life.

Many thanks to Amy and Janey for making my trip SO much fun!! While I’m thankful for getting credit for making DJ’s birthday cake, I think the only thing I did was take out the cake from its baking tin. But, really, could anyone have taken the cake out better than me? Yeah, I didn’t think so ;)

Click here for a slideshow Janey put together of DJ’s two-day birthday celebration!


Blogger Crystal said... have such a way with words. I just discovered your blog through, Amy's. You are the next Jackie Collins. Are ya moonlighting on the side as a writer, or something? Looks like your group has a great time, and I think that is awesome to have that network.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Deyl said...

thats deep :)

cool post!

3:50 PM  

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