Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wife of the (End of the) Year

Today JD and I spent the day in Palm Springs. Now, I usually love spending time with JD, but today was extra special. It was extra special because I earned some major cool points...yup, I was most definitely a candidate for Wife of the Year. Too bad this year ends tomorrow! :)

One of JD's Christmas gifts from me this year was a Garmin Navigation System.

He's been wanting a navigation system for what seemed like forever, so when he unwrapped his gift, he raised his clenched fists and began pumping them wildly above his head. He then screamed, Yesssss....Yessssss...Yesssss, each corresponding with a fist pump. He then looked at me with moist eyes and trembling lips and said he was undeserving of such a wonderful, generous, and thoughtful wife.

Okay, okay, so things really didn't happen that way, but, still. He was happy.

Anyway, today I insisted he called me Thomas (as in Guide), because I wanted to show him all the cool things the nav system does.
*What, did you say you felt like Jamba Juice?! Let little Thomas here find that for you...
*Need gas? No? Well in case you did, there are four stations within three miles of us...
*Hmm, wow, we're only five miles from the mall...and it'd take us only 7.34 minutes to get there! We should just go to the know, to see how accurate this thing reeeeeally is.

I seriously can't believe we've lived so long without a navigational system. It's so fantasitically amazing that I think everyone should go out a get one immediately. And if you wives out there are smart, you'll wait until after tomorrow...that way you'll be able to be Wife of the Year a heck of a lot longer than me!! :)



Blogger Albumesque said...

So funny, I just printed up some directions and I thought I need a navigation system:)

You truly are the best wife ever:)

I hope you guys have a happy New Years!!!

Love you!!!!

12:03 AM  
Blogger amynave said...

Oops:) That was me. I always foreget to log out. hehe

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Eric Hegwer said...

Google maps are nice - but they don't always get you there! I remember assisting in SF for a big name shooter, and we used Google. It had us going in the total wrong direction. Thankfully we realized the mistake, and make it to the event on time - but a nav system would have totally prevented that!

Happy New Year

8:32 AM  
Anonymous scott neumyer said...

Wow. I'm jealous. I want a navigation system! I can't complain wife was good to me present-wise.

Happy New Year!

8:39 AM  

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