Monday, March 27, 2006


Pleeease…pleeeeease!?! Can you please come to the shoot with me?

I pled with my twin sister dramatically in hopes that she’d cave in. Just like a coal mine, she finally crumbled. I’m supposed to be writing my thesis, she pouted just before we hung up. I know, but I’d do it for you, I retorted. And just with that phrase—the Holy Grain of twin verbiage—she knew she was making the right decision.

An hour later, I was sitting on her bed insisting I wasn’t going to dress like her. I.Will.Not.Dress.The.Same. I tried in vain to explain that we’d grown out of that phase 20 years ago. But she wasn’t buying it. She was playing tough and then gave me a taste of my own medicine: I’d do it for you, she coyly said. Check mate.

We made our way out to Mike Colon’s Newport Beach studio, but didn’t talk much because my sister was pecking psychotically on her Blackberry. You’re going to get arthritic thumbs if you keep that up, I said. I know, I know, she groaned. She informed me she was emailing her professors letting them know she was still on track for completing her thesis on time. Riiiight. What does your thesis have to do with Mike Colon, I asked. She laughed and her thumbs kept on pecking like chickens.

Twenty-five photographers snapped away as Mike instructed the class effortlessly. The sun was shining, but the wind stung as sea air whipped across our faces.
Look this way…
Now here.
Over here….no, me…
Turn your heads toward the sun…

At the end of the shoot, Mike asked us if we’d frolic in the water. With goosebumps on her arms, I shot my sister a look that telepathically told her: I’d do it for you. So we frolicked.

Our jeans were soaked with the Pacific coast, but we laughed deliriously back to the car. We’re not models, but we had fun acting like we were.

Later that night, I got a call from Mike’s assistant. Jasmine, you got to check out Mike’s website…you’re on the portfolio link!

Never in a million years. No, a trillion years. Never would I have thought I’d be able to meet and befriend Mike Colon. And now, I stared at myself on his website.

What a day.


Blogger leigh miller said...

hey jasmine! i didnt know how to get in touch with you but i found your blog! i never got around to uploading the photos from the newport workshop shoot to his server so i thought id post a link to a few i took of you and your sister -
you may have more photos of the two of you than youll ever need but let me know if youd like some of them. thanks again for letting us shoot you! and feel free to delete this from your blog. i just wanted to let you know about the pics. take care - leigh

6:42 PM  

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