Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where's my medal?

This is the best thing ever. Dana showed me that this is the best thing to eat here in the cafeteria.

Brianna, my best friend of 12 years, is training at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego and invited my sister and me to spend the day in athletic paradise. She's standing in front of the frozen yogurt machine and explaining that she'll later fill her cup with rootbeer. We were eating in the USOTC cafeteria and catching up on each other's lives.

Later we're going to a poetry reading with her roommate. Melanie is driving down from L.A. and joining us for sushi and the reading.

Walking out from the cafeteria, the breeze was blowing and the sun was shining softly. I love being around my friends. And I love being around my friends after eating a rootbeer float. Life is good.

Life is probably made better because last night I had a critique in my Photoshop class. I was nervous as it was the first one and I was sure my assignment was going to be used as the "this is NOT what you should do," so I braced for the worst. JD and I were kind-of-sorta-not-really competing for the better grade, so I prayed for the prevailing score.

The assignments were lined in a row and while I hoped their positions were arbitrary, I knew they weren't. Before I saw where my assignment was laying, the professor stated they were organized according to his preference. Out of 25 assignments, mine was in the third position. Yesssssss! I totally thought I bombed the assignment, but I made the top three. Booyah.

You may wonder where JD placed. Let's just say his was good, but not good enough to take a place on the proverbial medal stand. In Olympic terms--seeing how I'm sitting at the Training Center--he didn't medal. He came in fifth. Which means I earned a bronze medal...and he, well, he...didn't.

I must sound evil and caddy. Because I am. I love him so much, but when it comes to a competition, I want to win. All.The.Time.

I'm going to ask Brianna what it feels like to win something big. Then I'll digest it like I did the rootbeer float--which was rather quickly--and tell JD really how wonderful it is to win a medal.

Okay, so I didn't win a medal, but having the third best project in class sure can feel darn close ;)


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