Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Aye Carumba!

Move a little more. That’s right, just like that. Can you sway back and forth? A little faster…yes, faster. How ‘bout giving us a little spin? Now hold the dress in the palm of your hands and spin. Look up. Turn this way. Arch your back. Niiiiiice. Show us some leg! Run your left hand through your hair, no, I mean your right hand. Niiiiice.

The photographers were commanding me to move in ways I never have and, for this, I’m thankful. I’m no model—nor have I ever professed to be—but working with such a talented group of photographers made me understand why they are as good as they are. If nothing else, I learned the importance of fully engaging a client, the importance of drawing out their real personality and transferring that raw emotion into a picture. Like a work of art.

After the beach shoot at Corona Del Mar, we headed back to Mike Colon’s studio for a post-shoot lecture about workflow and photo corrections. I have to admit that it was a little intimidating to stare at a six-foot image of myself on a projection screen as Mike worked on it in a Photoshop demonstration, but it was well worth any uneasiness to watch a master in action. I learned so much in just the couple hours I was in Mike’s class and I’m excited to go to my Photoshop class tonight to see if I can apply what I learned.

JD and I will be modeling again tomorrow for Mike’s class…and I have to admit that I’m excited. I’m excited to talk again with such an amazing group of photographers, to see how they handle their cameras, to watch how quickly they change their settings, to juxtapose what Mike Colon does with his camera versus what the others do with theirs. I’m just excited for everything. Afterward, everyone will head over to the Laguna Beach mansion for a little game of poker and some good times.

Oh, I almost forgot: I helped Mike make chimichangas last night for everyone. Yes, I felt it very important as the only Hispanic in the mansion to represent my heritage in the kitchen. I filled the fluffy flour tortillas with beans, cheese, and chicken, then tucked and rolled them into a burrito. Mike then took control. He fried the burritos to a golden brown and then I topped them with cheese and green chile sauce. To be honest, we made a good pair in the kitchen.

With the radio tuned to the local Spanish music station, and the sounds of mariachi music filling the air, and margaritas being passed around, I didn’t have the heart to inform the guests that there is no such thing as a “chimichanga” in Mexican cuisine. Nor does the “Chalupa” or “Meximelt” exist. They are just an American twist on a Mexican dish.

No that anyone would have cared anyway. I mean, people were saying things like, “This is muy gusto!” and “You have to tell me what kind of tor-till-ee-as you used”, so I really doubt they wanted a lesson in cooking.

How about we make a deal: I teach them how to make Mexican food and they, in turn, can teach me to master my camera. Sounds good, huh?


Blogger Kevin Meyers said...

Jaz! Are you saying there's NO Crunch-Wrap Supreme either?!?!?! lol That dinner was my favorite of the week! Nice work. ;)

11:43 AM  

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