Saturday, February 11, 2006

Like a moth to a flame

I’m sick in bed. Still. Tissues are piled as high as an adolescent boy and it sounds like a broken-down 1956 Ford is trying desperately to start every time I cough. This is not pretty.

The good news is that my lovely husband earned highly coveted cool points by brining home the entire first season of “Lost”. So for the last couple of days, I’ve curled up with my down comforter and let Jack, Kate, and John Locke steal my thoughts. I found it of particular interest that one of the main characters is named after one of my favorite philosophers and I made a reference to him in my last post (hint: it’s not Jack or Kate).

The Episode: The Moth
DVD Chapter: 3
Scene set-up: John Locke is encouraging Charlie, who’s going through drug-withdraws

Locke takes Charlie over to a cocoon and while Charlie thinks it’s that of a butterfly, Locke explains that the cocoon is even more special because it’s a moth’s cocoon. Locke tells Charlie that he could make a slit in the cocoon and help the moth escape a little sooner, but that would do it a great disservice. In doing so, the moth would prematurely hatch, but his life would be shortened. Locke explains that the struggle is what makes the moth so strong and provides for a longer life expectancy. Moths are resilient and it’s the struggle that makes them successful in the long run.

I wanted to cry. No really, I got choked up. Yes, I’m sure I was more emotional because I was sick and I had more medicine racing through my veins than white blood cells, but, still, I was moved. I couldn’t help but draw a parallel in my life. I need to struggle. In order to get what I want from life, a struggle, my cocoon, needs to be present. It’s only then when I can look back and realize that I worked hard to be where I’ll one day be.


Blogger x dee said...

wow. your words are beautiful. Seriously, something just clicked into place.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Looks like you got there!

I hope i'll be there in 3 years time, fingers crossed!!

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Tracy said...

...and you made it! I am just beginning my struggle, and I can only hope and pray to make it through as gracefully and successfully as you have. Thanks so much for leaving this old blog up for people like me to come and read the story of how you began!

7:36 AM  

LOL... as soon as I read your last post, Trumpets and Tissue, and saw that you said you just learned about a parable by John Locke.. I had already put together you were a LOST fan. I used to Google every name, date, painting, book, movie, game, and episode title that they ever put out there! I think I even made things up to Google at times in hopes I'd find some connection. I'm still not sure if I'm okay with how they ended the series, but I am sure it was only day 1 of your CreativeLIVE workshop today and I already got so much out of it... thank you for keeping it real and stepping up when you could have easily walked away from something like this. I know there are GAZILLIONS of people who are just as thankful for this information as I am! ;-)

6:22 PM  

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