Monday, March 27, 2006


I look fat, I hollered at JD. He was shaving in the bathroom and I was hopelessly staring at myself in a full-length mirror in our bedroom. No, you don’t, he calmly replied. You’re just being self-conscious and I love you the way you are…what else matters?

I sighed. I still look fat, I mumbled. Hey, JD said, I heard you!

We were getting ready for a bridal shoot with Mike Colon. It was the last day of his seminar and he asked us to model for him again. JD and I modeled for his last Newport Beach seminar so we knew what we were in for this time. I learn so much from Mike so when he asked me to help him out with the class, I unabashedly said yes. JD said yes because it means a lot to me. I secretly think that JD likes the photo shoots because we get to make-out for a good cause ☺

After the shoot, I said goodbye to my new photographer friends and placed their business cards in my purse.

The sun was setting as we drove home, so there was an orange glow around JD’s face as I stared at him from the passenger’s seat. He reminded me of religious paintings I studied during undergrad Art History classes. Paintings where saints stoically stare toward Heaven with their hands cupped over their hearts, and a glowing rim about their faces. He reminded me of a saint.

I make no qualms about being biased. I think my husband is fantastically perfect. We had a friendship before a relationship, so we fell in love in the best way possible. I think he’s a saint. And as we drove home, he looked like one too.


Blogger Mark said...


Great posts!! I love the way you write and describe the photo shoot from the other side of the camera.

I have a couple slide shows I put together from those days that I thought you (and yoru sister) might like to see.

The back day is

The day you and your husband came out is

I love your description of how Mike uses his camera. It made me rethink how I look at my camera.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Garrett and Joy said...


I love your writing. This recent post especially gave me goosebumps, you and JD are precious:) I'm excited cause this is the first time I have seen/read your blog and its great! Post some awesome pics.



8:00 PM  
Blogger Garrett Nudd Photography said...

oops..I had logged in with the wrong username :)

8:01 PM  

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