Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strawberry Jelly

I waited impatiently by the baggage claim, scanning each suitcase for mine. Only in Long Beach, California will a person find the baggage claim outside. The carousel was covered by a freshly painted awning and the sun streaked through the western side, warming my feet.

JD surprised me with an oversized hug from behind and I soaked in his familiar scent. It felt good to be back in Southern California and I was happy to have left Las Vegas’ psychotic lights and smarmy nuclei. I had a wonderful time at the WPPI Conference, but there’s no place like home. And there’s nothing like being around love.

I’ll be posting more about my amazing experiences tomorrow and the rest of the week, but I wanted to thank everyone from Open Source Photo Forum and David Jay for making my first WPPI experience one to remember, thanks to Mike Colon for inviting me to tag along with him, and, lastly, thanks to JD for missing me more than toast and strawberry jelly.

That’s what he told me. More than toast and strawberry jelly. I think JD takes the idea of ‘sweet nothings’ literally ☺


Blogger Shannon said...

My fiance and I have a dorky little saying. We say we love each other more than macaroni and cheese! Were even getting mtm&c engraved into our wedding bands so I love the more than toast and strawberry jam :)

7:42 PM  

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